A Grendel Variant

Knife number 18 from the Michigan Ver Steeg Blades shop is a Grendel Variant.  The original Grendel knives were made in Iowa and were forged, custom knives.  The idea was that the Grendel would be a beefier version of the Imp but would still be comfortable carried in the front pocket.


A Grendel Variant

This knife was a custom order for a gentleman who wanted a Grendel with this blade shape.  The blade shape reminds me of either a straight razor or a cleaver.

A Grendel Variant
Knife number 18 from the Ver Steeg Blades Michigan Shop.

The blade and handle are both two and a half inches long.  The steel is 3/16 inch thick O1 tool steel, hardened to an RC hardness of 60.  As with all Grendel knives, this Grendel variant features a forged guard.

Right side view of a Grendel variant.
Super sharp with a full height convex grind.

The handle is made from maroon linen micarta with a white G10 liner.  There is a nickel silver mosaic pin and a nickel silver lanyard tube.

2.5 finger grip.
Designed to be used with a 2.5 finger grip. The lanyard is there to loop around the small finger and further secure the grip.

The knife is designed to be nice and stable in a 2.5 finger grip.  The lanyard loops around the small finger and hopefully locks the knife into the grip just a little better.

A Grendel variant is useable in other grips as well.
Usable in other grips as well.

A nice small knife like this is usable in a lot of different grips.


This knife was a custom order and is not for sale.  I will probably make more Grendel knives and even some more Grendel variant knives.  Because of the forging, each one of these knives is a little different.  Even if I use the exact same blade shape, the guards will be slightly different.  The Grendel and Grendel variant knives are one of the few knives that I ship with a sheath.