CMPS 35VN Imp – The First

While I was making another knife, I ended up with a piece of steel that was the perfect size to make an Imp.  I’ve been on a bit of a Scagel kick lately, so I decided to change things up.  Thus was born the first CPMS 35VN Imp.


All of the Imps made thus far have been made from 1/8th inch thick O1 tool steel.  It is a really good combination.  I was thinking of making a few out of CPMS 35VN steel, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  After I finished knife #11, there was a small piece of 3/16th inch thick CPMS 35VN.  I decided to make it, even though it is a little thicker than I would prefer.

The first Imp ever made from anything but O1 tool steel.

It has the same blade and handle profile of all of the other Imps made, but it is 1/16th of an inch thicker.  To compensate (at least partially) for the thicker steel, I ground the primary bevel as a full height flat grind.  The edge is convex.  There are steel junkies out there who are absolutely insane for CPMS 35vn steel.  It is stainless and is purported to have magical qualities by certain groups of people.  I like the steel, but I don’t attribute any mystical qualities to it.

CPMS 35VN Imp - the first
Handle is red micarta with orange G10 liner.

The handle is red linen micarta with an orange G10 liner.  Of course I had to sneak a little mosaic pin in there.

Sheathed Imp.
Comes with a sheath!

This is one of the only knives that I ever make that comes with a sheath.  That is because the Imp is supposed to work as a system.  It can fit in your front pocket or it can hang around your neck.  Nice bright colors should help you keep from losing your trusty knife!


UPDATE:  probably the record for time between posting and time sold – 10 seconds.  I’ll make more eventually.


Other News

I finished a couple of the parangs started in Iowa.  #1 features a walnut handle that was from trees planted by my great great grandfather.  It went to a relative.  #2 went to a retired military man.

Ver Steeg Blades parangs.
2 parangs were finished and shipped out.