Knife News Article

I know it has been a while since I’ve updated the website.  I have been working steadily, but I haven’t had anything for sale in a bit because everything I’ve made is spoken for.  In other news, I recently had a Knife News article published.  The article deals with a few of my thoughts on knife handle design.  I’ve posted at length on this subject before and I even made a video on the subject.

A Few Knives I’ve Been Making

Knife number 29 has a 6 inch blade made from 1/4 inch thick CPM S35VN steel.  I was trying out a new handle style here – the mortise tang.  I made a video on how I did that style of handle.

The balance was really improved on this particular knife by the mortise tang.  It went to the man who teaches my girls martial arts.  He also teaches knife fighting and absolutely loves his new knife!

Knife number 30 is another take on the Marine Raider Bowie.  The first knives I ever sold were forged versions of the Marine Raider Bowie.  I directly copied the blade shape from my WW2 era Raider Bowie and then made a handle with a forged guard.

I then made some more changes to the design for version 2.0 – I’ve only made one of these so far and I really love the design.

The latest take on the Raider Bowie features a nickel silver guard.  I’ve made a couple changes to the handle.  A noticeable change to the handle is that this one slopes slightly downward and has a mortise tang.

I’m keeping this one for myself.  It has a 9.5″ blade, 3/16th inch thick made from CPM S35VN steel.  I suppose if someone offered enough money I might sell it, but that number is pretty high, as this was difficult to make and it turned out beautiful.

Knife number 31 is a drop point hunter.  It is made of 1/8th inch thick CPM S35VN steel.  It has a nickel silver guard secured with a mosaic pin and solder.  The handle is stabilized black ash burl.  Truly stunning.  This one is going to a military friend of mine after I get a sheath made for it.

All 3 knives demonstrate the principles outlines in the knife news article and other articles/videos I’ve published.  Stay tuned!


In other news, I’ve recently gone out on my own after 2 years in a group practice.  You can check out the new practice here:  Grand Traverse Plastic Surgery