Drop Point Hunter Number Two

Michigan made knife number six is another Loveless style hunting knife.  I changed a few things when I made this particular drop point hunter.  I’ll detail those changes below.


Bob Loveless was a great American knife maker.  His style of knife making, right down to the materials he used, continue to have a big impact in modern knife design and production.  The knives that I associate most with his style would be a drop point hunter with some sort of a guard and a full tang construction.  I’ve always admired the look of his knives and the usefulness in general of the drop point blade design.  I will probably continue to experiment with his style of drop point hunter.

Drop Point Hunter Number Two

I changed some things.  First, the steel I used is Crucible Steel’s CMPS 35VN.  This is the first knife I’ve ever made using anything but a high carbon steel.  I shied away from using stainless steels before, because I did not have the capability of heat treating it properly.  Now I have all of the tooling needed to heat treat most steels and an RC hardness tester to verify that things were done correctly.  I’ve also been skeptical about the claims made for ‘super steels’ like S35VN and I did not want to get into the steel arms race that is pretty typical of the modern knife world.  I am not entering that arms race.  I will not make claims about this steel vs. another steel.  As a knife user it does not matter all that much to me what steel is used as long as the heat treat was properly done.

I did, however, notice some differences when grinding and finishing CPMS 35VN steel.  Before it was hardened, the steel ground pretty much like any other steel I’ve used.  After it was hardened, things changed drastically.  It was harder to grind and finish this steel than high carbon steels.  This leads me to another reason I’ve shied away from using “super steels” – how is the end user ever going to sharpen something like this effectively?

I thought long and hard about that problem.  I’ve come to the conclusion that this knife most likely will not be used often enough that it will need to be frequently resharpened.  My intended use for this knife is cleaning and skinning white tailed deer.  That season happens once a year in most of the places in the US.  Most people will kill one or two deer a year, if that.  I do not anticipate the need for frequent resharpening under those conditions.  With all of the knives I sell, I am happy to resharpen them as long as I don’t pay shipping.  Almost always I offer the resharpening and minor touch-ups for free, as long as I don’t see any one particular knife too often.  I am also guessing that this knife is SO pretty that it will spend much more time in a safe or on the wall than in the field.  I decided why not?  I offer this steel merely because I am interested in experimenting with the steel.  I make no claims of it being better or worse than anything else on the market.

Michigan Made Knife Number Six

Michigan Made Knife Number Six
Michigan Made Knife Number Six – a Loveless style drop point hunter.

The blade is 1/8th inch thick CPMS 35VN steel, hardened to 60 on the RC scale.  The blade length is 4 inches.  The handle length is 4 3/4 inches.  It features a brass guard secured in place with 2 copper mosaic pins and silver solder.  The handle scales are red G-10 with white G-10 liners.

Drop Point Hunter
The copper mosaic pins in the brass guard help to secure the guard in place and to add interest.

In addition to changing the steel, I also changed the grind.  This knife has a full height convex grind.  I changed the handle shape as well, attempting to make minor ergonomic changes and to add visual interest.

Drop Point Hunter handle
For being a thin handle, it is very comfortable in the hand.


This knife can be yours for $250 plus $10 shipping.  It does NOT INCLUDE A SHEATH.  I am not a sheath maker.  Dwayne Keith Puckett is and you should ask him to make you a custom sheath fitting to the uniqueness of this knife.  As always, if you get the knife and you don’t like anything about it, even the smell, I will buy it back from you for the full price.  This is one I would like to keep for myself, so if you don’t want it after you get it, I’ll happily make it my own.  You can buy this knife by using the contact link on this page, finding me on facebook or however you usually get in touch with me.  Good luck!