Loveless Style Drop Point Hunter

Knife number 4 from the Michigan shop is a Loveless style drop point hunter.

Bob Loveless

Bob Loveless was one of the great American knife makers.  The story I’ve heard is that he started making knives because he tried to buy a Randall and discovered a 9 month wait.  Imagine if the wait was only 9 months now.  Ha!  Loveless had a pretty big influence on the way modern knives are made.  He popularized the drop point hunter style knife.  Other things he was known for include using full tang knives with Corby bolts to fasten the scales to the handle.  I have also heard that he was one of the first makers to use micarta for handle scales.

Loveless Style Drop Point Hunter

I decided to make a knife in his style, with a few of my own additions.  The knife features a 4 inch blade that is 1 1/2 inches tall at the tallest point.  The handle is 4 inches in length.

Loveless Style Drop Point Hunter
Knife number 4 from the Michigan shop – a Loveless Style Drop Point Hunter

I used 1/8″ thick O1 tool steel hardened to 60 on the RC scale.  The grind on the blade is a full height convex grind.  You know you love it!

I used ivory paper micarta for the handle.  It features 2 mosaic pins.  Speaking of the handle, I did not ignore the ergonomics, even though it is a relatively slender handle.

Michigan made knife #4
An ergonomic and slim handle.

The guard is made from brass and is soldered to the handle using silver solder.  Don’t worry, I did not wreck the heat treat – it tested 60 RC before and 60 RC after.  It is a low temperature solder.  Look closely at the guard.  Further securing it to the knife are copper mosaic pins.  Nice!

Ver Steeg Blades Michigan made knife #4
It is the little details that make a knife pop.


This knife can be yours for the low price of $200 plus $10 shipping.  I am not sure if I can ship to you if you live outside the United States.  You can email to ask.  The price is lower because I am not making you a sheath.  This is the buy your own sheath price.  For a knife this knife, I would suggest getting a custom leather sheath made by Dwayne Keith Puckett.  Act quick if you want it.  Send an email using the contact form on this website or message me on facebook etc.  Best of luck!


Well that was quick.  Sold in < a minute.  Gotta be quick if you want something.  🙂