Michigan Knife #1


My shop is up and running well.  I’ve added quite a bit of capability since moving including a heat treat oven and an RC hardness tester.  All of this means that I have more control over the process and I think I can make a better product.  I’ve also added a new stamp and I’ve changed the way I am numbering my blades.

M 37

I now live in Michigan on Highway M 37.  I’ve had a new stamp made which will be stamped on the left side of the blade to signify that the blades were made in Michigan.

M 37 Road Sign
M 37 Sign

Also on the left side of the blade will be a number, which will always be the order it was made in Michigan.  I do not plan to make more of any given knife, as the fun for me is design.  I don’t want to make the same knife over and over again.  There will be at least small changes from knife to knife.  On rare occasions I may remake a particular knife but only after I am no longer sick of it.

Michigan Knife #1

Without further ado, here is Michigan Knife #1.

Ver Steeg Blades Michigan Knife #1
The left side of Michigan Knife #1

The blade is 1/4″ thick O1 tool steel hardened to 58 RC.  The blade length is 4″ with an overall length of 9 inches.  The handle is stabilized black ash burl.  You can see the number 1 and the M 37 stamp in the blade, although the stamp didn’t go as deeply as I would have liked.  It was stamped in my shop by James Nowka on The Knife Journal Podcast Episode #86.  You can hear the fun involved in that by listening to the episode.

Ver Steeg Blades Michigan Knife #1
The right side of Michigan Knife #1

As you can see above, the classic Ver Steeg Blades stamp will still go on the right side of knives, but again, this stamp didn’t go as deeply as I would have liked.

Forged Guard
The forged guard on Ver Steeg Blades Michigan Knife #1

Not all of the blades I make going forward will be forged, but this one was.  One of the nice things about being able to forge blades is the ability to include an integral guard which is part of the tang.  If you were to try to make that with a machine, you would waste a LOT of steel.  It also means that I left some very slight forging marks in places, just to give the knife a little bit of character.

Ver Steeg Blades Michigan Knife #1 Ergonomic Handle
The ergonomic handle of Michigan Knife #1

As always, I spend an enormous amount of time getting the ergonomics of the handle right.  This knife fits my hand very well in a number of different grips.  Of course if you weren’t satisfied, I would buy it back from you and keep it for myself.  🙂


I am not selling this with a sheath.  If you want a sheath I would suggest getting a nice leather one from Dwayne Keith Puckett at Armoralleather.  I am selling this knife for $200.  That is the buy your own damned sheath price.  As always, if there is ANYTHING you don’t like about the knife I’ll buy it back from you because this is a knife I would love to own myself.  There is only one #1.  The first person to speak for it by using the contact form on this website gets it.  Good luck!  I’ll update once it has been sold.


SOLD 12/4/15.