Michigan Made Knife Number 8

I’m really starting to like the Scagel style of knife.  I think I’m almost comfortable enough with it to make one to sell.  Sadly, Michigan made knife number 8 is not for sale.

Michigan Made Knife Number 8

I’ve now made three Scagel style knives.  As I’ve said before, the challenge with this kind of knife is making the antler pommel match the knife in a pleasing way.

Michigan made knife number 8
Left side view of Michigan made knife number 8.

This particular piece of antler worked well with a downward sweep to it.  When I was thinking of how to shape the blade in relation to the handle the image of a 1957 Corvette came to mind.  When I was a kid an all-original mint condition red and white ’57 Corvette was put up for sale.  A farmer that lived about 5 miles away from my house had one in a barn along with other treasures.  The car sold for $25,000 in 1988.  That seems like an absolute steal today.

1957 Chevy Corvette
A red and white 1957 Chevy Corvette

The above image is not the car that sold at auction, but it is an image I found on wikipedia.  What I liked about the car is that the hood swept in one curve, meeting another curve at the back of the seats.  I’ve always found that double curve attractive so I designed it into Michigan made knife number 8.  The spine of the blade is one curve which meets another curve forming the top of the handle.

Michigan made knife number 8
Right side view.

The overall length of this knife is approximately 10 1/2″, with a 5 1/2″ blade.  It was made from 1/4″ thick O1 tool steel hardened to 60 on the RC scale.  It features a handmade brass guard secured to the tang by silver solder and a mosaic pin.

Michigan made knife number 8
A very comfortable handle.

The handle features red fiber spacers, ivory paper micarta, stacked leather, blue G-10, a piece of eucalyptus wood, and a piece of Michigan white tailed deer antler.  The antler is secured to the tang with a pin and epoxy.  The eucalyptus has a very nice feature – as you turn the handle, the wood grain appears to change like a holographic image.  It reminds me of an opal.

This knife isn’t for sale but I plan on making one for sale soon.  A LOT of work goes into one of these knives so it might be a while.