Portable Cooking Options for Outdoors or Indoors

Today I am going to take a short break.  I usually write about knives.  Today I want to present a few portable cooking options for outdoors or indoors.

Portable Cooking Options for Outdoors or Indoors

I travel a lot.  I camp a lot.  I do a fair amount of medical disaster work.  Because of this, I sometimes find myself in situations where I need options for cooking food.

My approach has been to take with me reliable and versatile cooking methods.  I want whatever I am bringing to be compact and lightweight.  I do not want it to take up too much room in my pack or luggage.  I want to be able to find readily available fuel sources.  I tailor my choice to these factors as well as to the group size and what I will be preparing.  I made a quick video covering some of the choices available.

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If I can only choose one option to fit almost every situation I know what I would bring.

Mors Pot

At the heart of my kit for almost every situation is a 1.8L Mors Pot.  I go through the reasons why this is a good pot in the video above, but basically I like it for the versatility.  I can cook over a fire or on a stove.  It is big enough to use to melt snow for water.  It will make a big pot of coffee for a group or a decent sized group meal.  If you are using dehydrated meals, 1.8L of boiling water goes a long way.

MSR Titan

Ahh yes, the MSR Titan Kettle!  What a great little pot.  It is just the right size to boil 2 cups of water for dehydrated food.  You can cook over a fire or over a stove.  You can use it as a serving dish.  I use mine so much that it is currently sitting on my desk as I type this.

MSR Titan
The MSR Titan

Snowpeak Titanium Spork

It is nice to have something to eat your food with other than your hands.  I found my Snow Peak Titanium Spork after stepping on it barefoot in the middle of a desert.  I have no idea what it was doing there.  It lives with me now.

Camp Soap and a Sponge

If you are out there long enough you will like having the ability to wash your cooking pot.  Look no further than Campsuds.  I include one of the little yellow sponges with a brillo pad attached.  I throw a bic lighter in the pot as well.


MSR Whisperlite

I have found no better, more reliable stove than the MSR WhisperLite International Stove.  It has never failed me and the fuel is readily available worldwide.  As an added benefit, the stove functions at high altitude and in extreme cold.  This is a must have for serious backpackers, mountaineers and adventurers.  Include a fuel bottle and you’re good to go.

Hotel Room Modification

You will not likely ever find me using a WhisperLite anywhere but outside.  For your indoor cooking needs, I suggest going to one of the stoves that uses the compressed fuel bottles.  For several years, my stove of choice has been the MSR Micro Rocket.  The fuel is readily available in any Wal Mart or sporting goods store.  The only problem I have had with mine is that the little triangular metal piece on the top fell off.  I don’t think it has had any effect on the performance.

I made a video of one of my favorite things to cook in a hotel room.

In other news I sold Michigan made knives number 29 and 30.  Here are photos.  Catch you next time.

Ver Steeg Blades Michigan Made Knife number 29
Michigan made knife number 29.
Ver Steeg Blades #30.
Michigan Made Knife Number 30.