Three Imps for Sale

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike making the same knife over and over again?  Well, I bit the bullet and made 5 Imps.  The demand for these has been crazy.

Check Out the Five Imps

I hate making the same knife over and over again. Imps included.
Five very handsome Imps.

There you have it – five Imps.  Knives number 20 to 24 made in Michigan.  These are some of the only knives that I ever ship with a sheath.

Imps in Sheaths.
Five handsome Imps in their sheaths.

These knives are made from O1 tool steel hardened to 60 on the RC scale.  They feature a convex grind.  The idea is to have a fixed blade that you can carry in your front pocket.  If you must, you can carry it around your neck with the included ball chain.  I have a video explaining why I did things the way I did.

The handle material is green canvas micarta with the exception of the blue handled Imp, which is G10.  Each knife features a nickel silver lanyard hole and a mosaic pin.  Very nice!

The orange lanyards can be removed if you wish, but the knife will handle better with the lanyard in place.  The idea is that you use two and a half fingers on the handle.  In order to secure the handle further, the lanyard loops around your small finger, locking the handle in place.

Imps for Sale

These knives usually sell very quickly.  There is a very good chance that if you are reading this, they are already sold.  I will put an update at the bottom of the post when they are all gone.  Here are the three that are left:

Imp - knife number 20.
Number 20 for sale.

20 is sold.

Knife number 21 is for sale.
Number 21 is for sale.

21 is Sold.

23 for sale.
Knife number 23 is for sale.

ACTUALLY 23 is sold.

How to buy an Imp

So sorry, all of this batch is sold.