Ver Steeg Blades Imp

I’m happy to say that Ver Steeg Blades Michigan Made knife #3 is done and available for sale.  You knew I had to sneak a Ver Steeg Blades Imp in the first few knives off the line didn’t you?  I have a bunch of stuff in the pipeline, but this is what is for sale today.

Ver Steeg Blades Imp

The story of this knife is pretty neat.  I wanted a fixed blade that you could carry in your front pocket.  I also wanted it to be lightweight so that you almost don’t notice carrying it.  At the time, a lot of people were hot to trot about wearing a knife around their neck.  I’ve never been a fan of having anything around my neck, but I thought if I HAD to wear a knife, it should be as light as possible.

The main challenge I was interested in solving with a knife like this are the ergonomics.  Not only did I want it to be lightweight and strong, I wanted it to have decent ergonomics.  I had to rethink handles and how they fit in the hand to come up with the imp.  It is a 2 1/2 finger knife with a little loop for your small finger.  The loop on the small finger should lock the blade into your hand, thus making it feel a lot bigger than it is.  I have a video explaining some of the features of the Ver Steeg Blades Imp as well as another front pocket fixed blade – the Grendel.  If you’re interested you can watch it.


The blade is about 2 inches long and the handles is about 2 1/4 inches.  The overall length is about 4 1/4 inches.  When the blade is in the included sheath, the length is just under 5 inches.

Michigan Knife #3
The number 3 knife made from the Michigan shop. A Ver Steeg Blades Imp.

It is made of 1/8th inch thick O1 tool steel, hardened to 60 on the RC scale.  It has a 5 degree flat grind with a convex edge.  The handle is one of my all time favorite materials – Tortoise Shell Kirinite.  The sheath is made (by me) of Kydex.  It includes a ball chain like you would use to wear dog tags.

The weight of the knife alone is only 1 3/8 ounces!

Ver Steeg Blades Imp
A fixed blade knife that weighs 1 3/8 ounces.

If you add the sheath, and chain, the total weight only increases by an ounce!

Ver Steeg Blades Imp
Knife, sheath and chain come in at 2 3/8 ounces!

The knife and sheath together are quite handsome.  At least I think so!  🙂

Ver Steeg Blades Imp
Ver Steeg Blades and Sheath.

I’m not going to be making these very often

This is one of the most requested blades I make.  I just can’t bring myself to crank out knife after knife of the same design.  Every once in a while I will make something that I have made before but don’t expect to see that happen very often.  I get most of the pleasure from the design of a knife, rather than making the same thing over and over.  If you want to see more of these, pester your favorite manufacturer to make a run with me.


You can have this knife for $105 + $10 shipping if you live in the U.S.A.  If you live outside the US, I can’t guarantee I can sell this to you because of the vagaries of international shipping.  The first person who emails me (there is a contact us form on the page) and pays for it gets the knife.  Good luck!


Sold just a couple minutes after posting.  Sorry if you missed it.  🙁