Ver Steeg Blades Knife Number 28

It has been a while since I’ve been able to work in my knife shop!  I had a very busy summer.  First, a semi truck pulled up to my house and dumped a load of tree trunks when I was away on vacation.  Apparently the previous home owner had some arrangement with a tree cutting service.  All of that had to be cut, split and stacked.  All of this had to be done before I could make Ver Steeg Blades Knife number 28.

wood stacked in a holzhausen.
11 full cords of wood.

Ver Steeg Blades Knife Number 28

I continue to experiment with CMP S35vn steel.  Knife Number 28 was made from a 3/16th inch thick piece.  The blade is 4 inches.

Ver Steeg Blades Knife Number 28 has a 4 inch blade.
4 inch blade, 3/16th inch thick.

The knife has a very comfortable handle, secured to the tang using Nickel Silver Corby Bolts and epoxy.  It also has a stylish mosaic pin!  It has a flat grind most of the way up the blade with a convex edge.

Handle secured with Corby bolts and epoxy.
Check out that stylish mosaic pin!

The handle material itself is black canvas micarta.  Special care was taken to give the knife comfortable ergonomics.

A very comfortable handle.
Special attention paid to ergonomics of the handle.


Shipped to Guam.


You may be wondering what became of Knife Number 27?  It was a custom made CPMS 35VN Kitchen knife with stabilized walnut handle.

Beautiful S35vn kitchen knife.
Knife 27 was a kitchen knife.

The blade shape is a direct copy of my personal favorite kitchen knife, which is a cheap knife I bought at Target.  Why reinvent the wheel?